Friday, September 11, 2009

Maine Event

Ellie and I took off on our road trip from Ogunquit to Kennebunkport up the coast.

It was a lovely day and a beautiful drive. Maine is impressive that way.

We saw the Bush's (George and Barbara's) house. I recognized it from the countless times it was on the news during his presidency. Lovely COMPOUND out on a point with a guard's entry gate, etc. As one would expect. Glad to appreciate seeing it and glad to not have run into (onto, over?) any Bushs.

We continued up north to Prout's Neck which was JUST featured in the New York Times as it was where Winslow Homer had his studio and painted. Though we were forewarned in the NYT that the road to it was private we certainly didn't think that meant us as well. It did.

Ellie has a good friend who summers there, but like any self-respecting summerer, she split by Labor Day and was not there to gain us passage. Sigh.

Gated presidential homes and private roads was just too much rejection for one day. Plus we were famished. We needed a place to welcome us heartily. And we got it at The Good Table Restaurant in Cape Elizabeth. What a great meal. I had a real turkey sandwich and haddock chowder (Surf and Gobble?) and Ellie went with the tuna salad and coleslaw which is a dish named after her somewhere in the world as she eats it all the time! Since it was the last day of Maine blueberry season (or so they told this tourist) I had the Maine blueberry pie. It was fantastic.

I am a terrible food photographer. I get too close to my subjects!

Bellies full, it was off to the Portland Head Light, the oldest lighthouse in Maine. The present one was built in 1791 and was automated in 1989. Jeepers that is old. She is a beauty for any age if you ask me. We were both blown away by this sight and felt it was the highlight of our day. An extra added unexpected pleasure as we thought to go there quite by accident. Wonderful.

(I knew I asked the wrong person to photograph us but she was standing right on the spot I wanted and I thought it would kill two birds, etc. She cut off the top of the light house. Controlling much?)

Good job Ellie!

Good job, Pat!

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