Thursday, September 24, 2009

Clive Owen - Bateau Rêveur

Though full time employment and love presently elude me. Oh and "hatred of ice cream" and freedom from vertigo, and decent healthcare, and a green thumb and ...

...I did get the pleasure of interviewing Clive Owen and director Scott Hicks after a screening of "The Boys are Back" at the Director's Guild in New York City tonight. Clive was great as usual and I loved Scott Hicks' film "Shine." They were both SO nice and we took photos together in the lobby before the Q & A. The kind women at the DGA pulled me aside afterwards and told me I had a booger in my nose. Nothing Photoshop can't fix, I pray.

My first question to Clive:

"Clive. I really enjoyed the picture, but the one thing I didn't understand was that throughout the film your character goes on about hot it is in Australia and yet you didn't take your shirt off, not once! What is up with that?" He laughed (thank God!) and said "So you would have liked that eh? " and I said "Well as Executive Producer I would think you would have been thinking about your ticket sales."

He is great in it and the actors who plays his sons (Nicholas McAnulty and George MacKay )are fantastic. And kudos to the director and the writer, Allan Cubitt who adapted Simon Carr's novel, "The Boys Are Back in Town" based on his own experiences. I have to say the young son's dialogue is so unpredictable and real to a kid's way of thinking. I marvelled at that.

When I was not marvelling at Clive.

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Criticlasm said...

Green. Envious. I just saw the trailer--handsome.