Monday, August 31, 2009


Back to the flame for me. I went to another gathering of "The Moth" tonight. This is an evening of live storytelling told by people from the audience. Delicious, right? I had been once before in the East Village and was rocked. And frightened. Like a moth to a flame. I know I must do this.

This time it was held at The Bitter End in the Village. This famous nightclub has been around since the early 60's and everyone from Woody Allen, Lenny Bruce and Bob Dylan has performed here. And someday maybe ME!!!

Each time a theme is given in advance and you can show up and put your name in a hat to tell a story on that theme. Tonight's them was COINCIDENCES. There are judges and you get an Olympic-style score. Nyyyyonpointfive, Nyyyyyonpounteight....

Like a sunset, I cannot put into words how massive the line was to get into this tiny joint. They were beyond fire code it seemed to me to handle the demand for The Moth. Wow, in my own ego-filled mind and I both titillated and terrified.

I went with my friend Sam who is an actor and stand up comic. It was a good hang and we heard some good stories and them some okay ones. This made it all the more "doable" for me. What a thrill to have "done" The Moth in New York City. I still have that ho-dad excitement about such things as if every other person who performs is a seasoned native New Yorker raised on storytelling by their bongo-pounding parents and then there is me in my boater hat and suitcase just in from the prairies and a possum-hunting festival.

The next Moth is Tuesday, September 8th at The Nuyorican Poets Café and the them is "Outlaw" which should be easy for me since I was a wanted felon...

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