Friday, August 7, 2009

My Evening with Two Hunks.

Across from this most famous of icons lies this most famous of underwear and socks purveyors: JC Penney's.

JC Penney's has just opened in Manhattan. And though it did not thrill me on the level a Target opening in Manhattan or another Trader Joe's would, I was kind of happy. I have a fondness for the place. I worked there when I was a young lad and am really grateful for all the experience I gained. I learned about earning my own money. I cut yardage, sold shoes and worked in layaway. I became an Employee of the Month even.

And all these years later, I am middle-aged and shopping there alone on a Friday night. And it was FUN! Odd though because once inside you have no idea you are in New York City, you are just in another mall. I found that sad as I think no place in New York City should ever feel like being a mall. That is what we have the rest of the states for.

Oshay was my key salesperson. He helped me with pillows. I saw the newspaper add for "buy one at regular price and the 2nd for $1." I had to go and see for myself. There are lots of pillows and I settled on the "The Hunk." That's what the pillow is called. I got two hunks. Someone told me if you have enough pillows in your bed it feels like someone else is actually in there. Money well spent, I say.

I'll have 4 hunks, please. But I got myself down to only two; I do not need a boudoir, I need a good night's sleep without feathers poking me in my skull.

And of course, I needed jeans badly and they were on sale and some underwear. I forgot a coupon for $10 more off and sweet talked the sales clerk into coughing one up for me by playing the sad and needy "I used work here, I know how it works" card.

I left and it was nightfall. My Friday night with two hunks, some underwear and some button fly jeans.

Did you have a racier evening?

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