Wednesday, August 12, 2009


(Worst picture he has ever taken in his life, but it is the only one I have from tonight!)

Craig was one of my best, closest friends in college at UCLA. And after. We were tight. I even lived with him in New York and we travelled together in Italy and Mexico and both lived in San Francisco where I helped him build his cafe at 3rd and Market and went through the earthquake of 1989 together. He knew my parents and siblings well and I knew his.

Then we didn't speak for 11 years. I saw him in Heathrow airport for an hour. After 11 years. That was about 5 years ago.

And now today.

How does this happen? Time passing, not talking, separate lives. He got married and had twins. He had his appendix out. As did I. We didn't know. He had another cousin born. So did I. We didn't know. I met his tonight. She is 18 and lovely. I have never met his wife or his kids. They live in London.

But tonight was good. We had a good chat and a good walk and that was good. Incredible to be in Manhattan together again. We lived in Murray Hill together over 25 years ago. What a different city it was then.

Our birthdays are a week apart and in 1984 we celebrated them at Cafe Luxembourg which is just celebrating 25 years this year!

Wow. So much time. So much water.

So much bridge.

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