Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thunderstorm - New York City

Met Craig and Grace and Fran in the West Village and we walked along Bleecker on this warmest of summer nights to have pizza at Pizza from Naples, this place they had discovered a few days prior on Carmine Street. It was really, really good. I would go back.

The calm before the storm. College pals Craig and Pat try subconsciously to recreate the photo from 25 years ago in Umbria.

Craig's much younger cousins, Fran and Grace. So belle they are! The last time I saw Fran she was 3. And the last time I saw Grace she was like 18 because it was about 2 days ago.

We had a lovely time dining al fresco until it got too fresco. The sky just lit up and lightening and thundering commenced as if a light show had been ordered. We saw some major streaks of lightening mixed with the booming puffs of glow that you normally get. But the streaky lightening looked like movie lightening to me, this California boy. Golllllly!!

And then the rain began. It came down in sheets like Hollywood rain. We were under an awning, but had to duck inside as it was no real cover for this kind of weather. The wrap-around-the-block queue for the ice cream place katty corner quickly dissipated as if getting charred was not worth the $5 scoop of Burnt Sugar Pecan that was within ones grasp.

There was no where to go so the wait staff served us (them) wine gratis. It was lovely and surreal, the whole experience. I think I loved it.
Fran, Grace and Craig with our Milanese waiter who went to the Roberto Benigni School of Style just outside of Roma.

An amazing photo shot from the Upper West Side of the storm by Melissa Hersh:

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Criticlasm said...

That's a gorgeous photo. Love summer rain. It used to storm every August evening in NM. So beautiful.