Monday, August 10, 2009

The Times As They Are in New York

Unemployment is huge everywhere. Foreclosers, closed shops, crowded gyms. It is the new moda of being. In an odd way I say it will effect fashion, recipes and back to school!

This morning I got up and called the unemployment office because I needed to ask a question. Of a person. I was told by the auto-man voice that it would be about a 20 minute wait. Lately I think "lemonade" in place of "rage" so I practiced my bagpipe music with my phone earphones in waiting for the moment when I could speak to a live one. It all worked out great.

I then cut off a UPC code label from some feta cheese package and sent it in with my register receipt circled to get $3.00 back like 6 months from now.

I was on a roll.

I then mailed in my final check for my balance due on my cancelled cable. I am going total web. So jazzed.

Now it is time to find out about who needs movie extras in the Big Apple. I have time and can use the cash. I googled that.

Sometimes bad things can expose us to good things: I eat at home, I walk more, I don't watch TV and I read more.

Sometimes bad things can expose us to bad things: I eat more, I am on-line more, I Facebook more, and I panic secretly more.

But all in all I feel like it will all work out. I have no idea how or when, but it just will. I wonder what other people like me in New York do with their days and minds?

I better get to bed so I can get up and clean my middle drawer and google "Rutherford B. Hayes" and "free dental."

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