Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In a Lonely Place

I remarked to Ellie that going to the movies during the day always seemed "very New York" to me. She remarked, "That is maybe because other cities don't have movies during the day."

Very astute dame that Ellie.

We went to see Noir classic "In a Lonely Place" starring Humprhey Bogart and Gloria Grahame at the Film Forum in Soho - the sort of cinema that if you are going to see a film during the day in New York, this should be your place: very art house, very Soho. And like minds! We were not alone. The film itself is the kind of film you duck in from the daylight for as well: dark, of a time, pure escape.

Except we didn't like it!

Humphrey is a screenwriter and Gloria lives in his apartment complex. He is a suspect for murder and she falls in love with him. Classic right there. There is suspicion, violence, and fear. I guess lately I try to avoid those things and thus did not like this film very much. Quelle sacrilage! Hey, Humphrey, whether he did it or not, is an angry, egotistical violent a-hole so I didn't care a fig about him. I just wanted Gloria to GET OUT!! I think domestic violence is hardest for me to take in films; it just makes me squirm.

It was fun to see Los Angeles and hear UCLA, my alma mater, mentioned.

Even though we both didn't like the film, we loved the experience. Ellie and I just had a great downtown adventure complete with delish burgers and excellent ambiance and service at Lucy Browne's on Varick. And a fun subway ride on the F train which neither of us ever takes. All in all this Upper East Side broad and her West Coast malcontent had a great time playing hookie in Gotham.

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Criticlasm said...

LA has movies during the day. ;P. Believe me, I spent the first 9 months I lived here going to all of them!

And even though you didn't like the film, great you supported Film Forum--it seems like indy movie theaters are getting fewer and fewer--we're lucky to live in cities with them.