Saturday, August 15, 2009

The World Pipe Band Championships in New York City?

That's right. I watched the World Bagpipe Band Championships LIVE from Scotland in the comfort of my own New York City pad. Live. This was the ultimate of Old meets New. Old World/New World. Old tradition brought to millions through New technology.

Here I was on the Upper West Side with coffee and my computer plugging into live streaming of BBC Scotland's coverage of the championships. BBC Scotland has never released the broadcast outside of the UK and this was the first time. It was like being there. The coverage and sound and picture quality were that excellent. You can still go to the link above and click on "Grade One Bands" and hear the competition set. The future and the past are HERE!

I also had my Facebook and Twitter open as well as Bob Dunsire's "Beer Tent" chat room for all things bagpipes going. I was watching live and making live commentary with other folk around the world. This was truly a global, digital, connected moment. Fantastic.

Today, I know I want to be part of this "digital age" somehow. And today I was.

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