Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My friend Amy Robinson writes for a blog called "Fierce and Nerdy" where she wrote a piece about "funemployment." She and her husband are both out of work in Venice, CA so understandably they like to do free things and here she talks about working out/exercising for free since they have dropped their gym memberships.

I love the term "funemployment" not because it is a way to be in denial and keep myself "out there," but because it is a way to remember that even if you are not working, you have to take time to enjoy life away from the dread and rejection and tumbleweed lack of response from the powers that be.

Sue and I took a little funemployed, staycation today and had a picnic in Central Park. It was a beautiful day and she had a picnic backpack and I had a picnic blanket and we both had time so it was a no-brainer.

Of course the wolf is never far from the door or the picnic so we had to bring our list of topics as we often do. Here were today's:

Panic Timeline & Milestones


Time Management

Judgment of Others


US Open


Fear and rigidity




Getting old

Fooling yourself

Job hunting updates


All in all a great and affordable feast with some joy and some action items! Thanks Sue for such a great funemployed, staycation banquet and chat!!


susankiel said...

And don't forget my evergreen agenda item, "dead inside."

CP + PC = Mini Funcation!!

Stinky Junior said...

Neato! (I'm copying your agenda for our next picnic)