Saturday, August 29, 2009

"The September Issue"

First there was the song now there is the issue. September gets SO much!!

Sean and I went to see "The September Issue" the documentary about Vogue magazine and its notorious (?), illustrious (?) editor, Anna Wintour. Hey, it wasn't shallow or campy, it was an DOCUMENTARY!

We loved it. It was really well done and quite interesting. Now Sean has been so hot on seeing this film. He practically had a one-man campaign on his Facebook page. Me, no. But I am glad I went with him. He used to work in this world and was fashion editor for German GQ so he knew a lot of the people in the film and it made it even more fun to see it with him knowing that. The boy is talented himself.

I think Ms. Wintour came across very well, but it was her long time collaborator and creative director, Grace Coddington, who stole the movie. This woman who is, I believe, 68 has every wrinkle of her age on her face which we are not used to seeing in fashion or anywhere and she is simply lovely. She used to be a model and when you see her photos in the film from her young modeling days it is astonishing. Yes, she looks old. And she was once young. That is that.

Grace Coddington then...

And now...
You really get a sense from the film what an amazingly creative person she is and how she enjoys life. That is infectious...the enjoying life part - the creative part, well, we all don't get that. Having said that, I think Anna Wintour comes off just fine and you feel that Vogue needs an Anna as well as a Grace to make it all happen.

Viva the two of them I say.

And Sean!

Anna and Sean.

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Criticlasm said...

They should've had a standee where you could put your head in and be Anna Wintour. Actually, my friend Howard's company released it and overjoyed it's doing well--they only distribute films they care about, so it's so good when one hits.

AND I am so jealous it was in NY two weeks exclusively before it comes here. You guys get everything. Waaaaaa. :)