Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Identity

Did you know in the United States after you have moved states like I did from California to New York "you must apply for a driver license not more than 30 days after you become a resident'?

I had no idea and immediately looked outside myself for blame as if there should be a whole welcome packet presented to me and a government agent assigned to me to insure that my transition into east coast life goes smoothly.

So after almost 24 consecutive 30 day periods in New York, I finally got around to it.

I had to go to the License-Express Office at 34th and 8th. Sort of a DMV drive-through. Very slam bam thank you ma'am which works fine in cases involving oneself and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

This was all fine, but I just had not thought of the emotional damage that would be done. I am totally committed to living here AND staying here, but I did not realize how tied I was to my driver's license which one has to "surrender."

Today I surrendered the license I have had since I was 16 years old. Not the actual license, but I have had that "N906......." number on a CA license since then. And I had to say goodbye to it so unceremoniously and publicly like a pet about to be put down or a left behind area code.

I will soon be a New York Driver's license holder in a city that I have never driven in because it scares the living headlights out of me.

I will NOT be sad to see my former photo go as I was -- let's be kind here-- "chubby" and "swollen" in it. And I feel having a NYS license furthers my commitment to my adopted city that I love.

Goodbye sweet prints...


skipper said...

I kept my South Dakota drivers license until I was 40.

Anonymous said...

Aw, sweeet! Well, for one thing, you are correcting the imbalance from me being in California, my friend. I'm glad you appreciate the fabulousness of NYC and are living the life against all odds.