Monday, August 3, 2009

The Battery Park City Passeggiata

Modern times and modern dance caused me to text my Tribeca-dwelling pal, Hilary to come and join me to watch the Merce Cunningham troupe at Battery Park City. I was late in getting word so she missed it, but we did meet and took the most wonderful walk.

Spontaneity seems very difficult in New York for some reason. People just aren't or don't have the time or facility to be "Sure, right now? No problem!" Myself included, I know even though I want to deny it.

But the moment was right and we walked along the Hudson River down to the Battery on a beautiful summer evening. There in the background was the Statue of Liberty holding her lit torch and keeping an eye on wee Ellis Island. And people were out in droves walking, running, cycling and dining. It was magnificent.

After passing by the al fresco diners, we happened upon the Irish Hunger Memorial. No joke. There is one. I had no idea that there was a memorial to my people and our potato famine. It is quite striking complete with real famine-era cottage and Irish limestone. I half expected it to be a ride. I did notice that there was no concession stand which I guess would have been a bit much.
And no speakers blaring "Four Green Fields." Now that would have brought on the tears.

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