Friday, August 7, 2009

A Twinlke-Toed Fairy Tale

My friend Lisa saw this advert on Craigslist and kindly sent it to me. It was entitled "FILMING in Manhattan, Need 100's of Background Scene Actors." Why NOT do extra work whilst looking for a perm gig, I thought. They shoot all over this town and I have the look for something I am sure. I can play bland Manhattanite well.

So I called.

Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring. Then hold music. What company is this?

Finally some guy gets on the phone and I tell him why I am calling. He begins to read a script that is lifted from the text in the Craigslist posting save he tells me "up to $300/day" and the ad says "up to $500/day."

And all I need to do is send in the application they will send to me PLUS $99.98 which I will get refunded if I don't get booked in 90 days.

I said, "I don't want to pay to work." And I waited for the sales pitch, but instead I got a refreshing "Well, that makes you a twinkle-toed fairy." I said, "What?" "YOU are a twinkle-toed fairy. Think about it." I spent half a second thinking of a really angry, but self-actualized retort with a "that showed him" dismount, and the second half of that second just hanging up gently.

This twinkle-toed fairy will prance into greener pastures elsewhere.

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easca said...

I have a response and it's WTF?