Thursday, August 20, 2009

Filming on Amsterdam between 80th and 81st.

My friend Nicole got Shakespeare in the Park -"The Bacchae" tickets. Yes, I know it's by EURIPIDES and not Shakespeare, but that is the way it is. She could not go and I was the lucky last minute recipient. I called my friend Pat and we went to Shake Shack on Columbus for DELISH BURGERS and then to the play.

Spontaneity happened this night in New York City. I had planned to be alone in the gym and instead I was dining with a friend and off to the theatre. I thought it was a good metaphor for life as in --do not assume the way things are going to be.

Anything can happen in Gotham!

Muggy as it was in the park, it was good to see the play. And as bloody as our hamburgers.


This is one play I had never seen before. And by a one-named celebrity long before one-named celebrities like Cher or Madonna.

Uncast raccoons took to the stage throughout. Charming.

Afterwards I walked to get some seltzer and Amsterdam was lit up as they were shooting what seemed like a big movie at Jake's Dilemma.

I remember in LA people used to like to remark how put out they were by filming on their block. And I hear people in New York say it too. I am sure it can be true, but I find this kind of "put outness" to be a pose. Personally, I am excited always by filming. It never ceases to excite me. Go live where they rarely film and you will die to have a honeywagon in front of your door.

Well maybe not a honeywagon.

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Criticlasm said...

Wine=bad, because they all get drunk and rip someone apart? That Dionysus, he's got a bad side.