Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New York Revue

My friend Brad who lives in LA used to live in New York and just did a post on a farewell review he did in NYC before moving out west. It has some excellent (and funny!) quotes and great links to You Tube vids, etc. I wish so much I could have seen it. I feel the same way, Brad!

Check it out: "Showscript"

And check out his blog: Criticlasm


Criticlasm said...

Thanks, Patrick!

easca said...

I read and viewed. The Showscript includes "City Lights [We did this as if the song was exhausting and would never end]". Well, honey, exhaustion sums up my sentiments exactly. Whoa. Liza is amazing, the lyrics were cute. However, the overall format inspired thoughts of aged cheese over timeless jewel. I half expected Halston to jump out of a skyscraper decked out in a tux before it was over. Pity he didn't.