Monday, March 1, 2010

In Like a Lion

March. What to make of it?  How can this be, this March thing?  I have just been settling into 2009 and now you want me to embrace this final month of the first quarter of 2010?

There is still snow in patches on the ground in New York.  The sun wrestles with the clouds.  I am still in my heavy coat though I may not need it so much.

Seems most folk are ready for Spring - the lamb part. I am (not so) secretly pressing the gods for more snow! More lion!!  I love this flaky, white pure goodness that blankets all the errors and messes.  I want MORE!  What is the rush for Spring when we can have more time frolicking in a winter wonderland?   Why the rush people?

New York is so beautiful in winter.  Its trees and monuments and windowsills lend so well to snow.  I know they lend well to tulips and general flowering as well, but just not yet.

No matter, weather is another thing I apparently do not control so I will try to enjoy whatever it offers.

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