Monday, March 22, 2010

Doing Yoga

Today I "did" yoga. I didn't take it, I didn't practice it. I did it.

And it was hard.  This guy is so happy and positive, the guy who leads it. It was no surprise to me that he lives in Brooklyn.

He had us doing these things and they were tough, but I loved it.  I did it!

He asked us to have one goal in mind and to plant the seed of that goal in the top of our heads and take out our mental watering cans and water that seed!  And I did!  I watered my seed and didn't spill a drop from my can was I was doing my down dog. 

And my seed was to play bagpipes better.  You would think I wanted to water a job seed or a write a book seed, but I kinda realized if I could stay calm and in control enough to play bagpipes better I could do all of that.

I did it!

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Lexa said...

Love this. Doing yoga and watering my seeds tonight.