Thursday, March 4, 2010

All About Me

Besides being the title of my life right now, it is the title of a new Broadway review starring Michael Feinstein and Dame Edna.

I have to say I still don't get the pairing, but it was a fun night.  They are both talented. But then so are Ellen DeGeneres and Yo Yo Ma.

I always say you can't go wrong with some tap dancing and a kick line. This show did not have either, but it had a sing-a-long.  And freebies thrown out into the audience. 


It is hard to go wrong with a sing-a-long and freebies. Must remember this for my next job interview.

See, I made this entry really all about me...

1 comment:

ren said...

that would be the best...interview...ever! you have to go totally rip taylor with it and do confetti too! i'd give you a job if you had confetti...and if i were the kind of person that could give another person a job...