Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Temp Job #2

Can you believe this? More work! This time at a school stuffing envelopes.  I can do that.  If I can reschedule umpteen breakfasts and lunches and rewrite web pages, I can stuff.

There were three temps and the NICEST boss. He had no idea that I was coming off of cruel hand luke from yesterday.  Everything was perfect, but the envelopes never arrived from the printer.  We sat there and I was reminded to the film "Breakfast Club" where the whole film takes place in school detention where the kids bond and get to know each other. Another "stuck on an elevator" type film. Love those.

One woman was adopted and her mother was a born again Christian who read here diary and found out she lost her virginity and only by finding her biological father did she manage out of having to go to Oral Roberts University or whatever. 

The other woman was raised by hippies.

I was somewhere in the middle.

A fun day of pay and hanging out. 

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