Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Rises Over Trader Joes - 14th Street in Manhattan

Sean and I went to Trader Joes for 8am this morning to beat the crowds.  There were like 50 people in line outside like a Mervyn's Semi-Annual Sale.  It was shocking.  But we had our list, we had our recyclable Trader Joe's bags. We were ready.

Sean gave a quick chalk talk. Stuff like "Go to the interior ailes first. Everyone heads for the produce."  And "Wait to do your dairy and meats as you pass by them while standing with your cart in line anyway. Saves time."  Excellent advice.

We got out of there in just over an hour. 

In New York you tend to put up with much, much more.  And you know there is a reason why until there isn't one. And when that happens you should move.

I ain't ready.

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