Friday, March 12, 2010

Pier 54

Today I took my act on the road.  I brought my bagpipes down to Pier 54 along the Hudson River to play undisturbed.   There was no sun so the open feeling on the river was just great.   A few dogs, joggers and some guys photographing gnarled metal were my companions.

This being New York, I thought that this pier probably has a story.  And it does.

Pier 54 was once the embarkation point for many cruise ships.  That rusted arch you see in the photo was at one time the entrance to a building that housed glamourous passengers awaiting to go glamourous places.

In fact it was the Cunard-White Star pier and this is where the Lusitania set sail on her maiden voyage.

(You can see where the arch was part of a building with the Lusitania at its side)

It was also home to Wigstock.

Time passes, things change, people are forgotten, but you will always find a bagpiper in New York City looking for a place to practice. 

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