Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ace Hotel -New York

I just found my new favorite place to be a slacker, but look like I am a player.  It is the lobby of the Ace Hotel on West 29th St.

I had a meeting and this is where she chose to meet. I walked in and the lobby is like a cool library with free wireless and loads of people who don't need to be in low lighting on Mac computers (only Macs, please darling).

A guy with his first beard walked by carrying a skateboard. 

They serve only Stumptown Coffee. Cool.


I can see myself dressing, dragging my computer up here, jockeying for library table space and drinking a Kenya Gaturiri Reserve and writing something pithy. Or maybe sending emails to people who like to get them. Or looking at the J Crew website and thinking maybe I should work at J Crew.

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