Sunday, March 21, 2010

Egg - Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I am new at this, but I think for many Manhattanites going to Brooklyn is like a "two days by coach" mentality.  I had it when I lived in Silver Lake in LA and someone wanted to go to Santa Monica.  But it is really only psychological depending, of course, WHERE in Brooklyn and WHERE in Manhattan.

Sean and I threw caution and took the L train three whole stops and ended up in sunny Williamsburg.  Williamsburg is known for its "hipsters" and it was almost laughable to see how prevalent the whole hipster, porkpie hat, tattoo thing was over there. Thank GOD I have aged out of that scene.  I am now, in fact,  heading towards the scene where you have your hipster replaced!

We ate brunch at EGG.   I read some good things about it and it was indeed very fine.  The place is small and the wait was large, but not too bad, plus it affords one the time to hang outside and figure out how many people who are waiting with you you could have fathered.  (Am I alone in this?)

I do hate severely popular places that are unfriendly and want to turn you out quickly. This was not one.  We had a leisurly feed and boy it was good.  Sean and I split of "starter" of pancakes topped with apples and "real Vermont maple syrup." ( I have yet to see "Fake Vermont Maple Syrup" advertised anywhere.) They were in a word, perfect. We had delish French press coffee which was flawless.  Flavorful AND fun because you get to press that thingy and out come black nectar.  The half pancakes and coffee was enough as they give you an amuse-bouche beignet as well. But Sean went forward with the biscuits with sausage gravy and I chowed down the Virginia ham and cheese on a biscuit.  All of it was excellent and I would return on the long train journey of three stops and one short Brooklyn block walk to arrive at EGG once again.  YUM.

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easca said...

Porkpie hats are abundant in SF as well.
Have you seen "skinny jeans"? These jeans look like leggings. You have to be herion thin to wear them. So I am extremely glad I am too old to feel the pressure to wear them and take herion just to look "thin and in" enough. I would probably just smoke...oh, tried that. Smoking is one fashion statement that I unfortunately cannot laugh off like a bad perm from the early 80's.