Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Smaller, Shorter & Cut

I remember that Joan Rivers joke about how Liz Taylor was the only person she knew who would stand in front of the microwave and yell "HURRY UP!!"

There was a day when we had to hunt and kill our food and now we can almost have it sprayed on.

But so many things I thought would never go away, have.  Like the record album and even the CD!

My friend Sean is counting down the days until his ipad arrives like it is Christmas and he is wearing pajamas with feet in them. (NB: My feeling is until the ipad and iphone act as a hotplate, we have not fully arrived. )

Change is a process of letting go and embracing.  Much like life, eh?  This morning I looked over at a stack of books I am putting aside for a trip and for the first time I saw how a reading device (Kindle, ipad, Sony Reader) really made sense.  (I still periodically dabble in the  "If we were meant to fly, we'd have wings" school of thinking.)  Here I am with airport weight limits going to put all these weighty, ancient papyrus tomes into my baggage when I could have one simple plastic light up thingy.

I marvel.

And I heard about Haiti and Michael Jackson first on Facebook, but that is another article...

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ren said...

i have a kindle and i love it. ideal for travel and it would have been amazing in college when i had to lug around all those lit books. but i am surprised at the resistance i meet when i mention how much i like it. it's not intended to REPLACE books. i will always own print books, classics,antiques, art books, cookbooks, but really, do i need a physical copy of that vampire romance that will take two hours to read? no, no i do not...unless you wanted to borrow it...