Thursday, March 25, 2010

In the Realm of the Census


I saw a postcard at the check out at the grocery that said,  "Come Join the Census!" or somesuch thing. I took one. I took the exam. I got a 98%.  I got the call and today I started my training to be a census taker.

The census is all about near accuracy and confidentiality. 

It is also run by the government. 

The training on day one was one of the most unorganized messes I had ever experienced. It started at the front desk where they did not have me on the list. I  knew this alone would be trouble.

They put people in rooms willy nilly and then took hours to hand out the pre-labeled forms packets because they didn't know where everyone was! 

I, of course, did not get one because as of most of the day, I did not exist.

I have this odd (and very common, I know) thing about being unique.  We can all stand around in the rain in the same tailored suit, but I will be the only one with the hole in my shoe.  Of the 200 people I was the only one who did not exist in the eyes of the US government. I was lost in the system somewhere.   Meanwhile...

The I-9s we filled out at the exam were all misplaced (confidentiality?) so we (or they, since I still could not be counted at the census training of all places!) had to fill out new ones.  The form filling took hours where it should have taken 25 minutes.

Then there was the fingerprinting.  Chaos!  I still didn't exist so I had to go at the end of the day to another building down Wall Street way into the bowels so they could find me.  They told me I lived on Riverside Drive and that was the problem. [The real problem was I had never lived on Riverside Drive and they needed this to not be true.]  Finally they found me and I got printed and got out 1.5 hours late.  
Now I am a real live boy and have been counted.

Stay tuned, I still do not have an ID number and cannot get paid...

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