Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The High Holy Days of Irishness

Ah St. Patrick's Day.  It is here.  In like a lion, out like a green, drunken monkey.

It turns out I got two temp offers today. I turned them both down as I knew I could make more on the street. Not as a hooker, silly. As I professional busking musician.  And I did just that at Union Square.  Mums with strollers love me as I am "instructional" for their kids. And older people love me because I remind them of the death of a loved one.  And then there are others who just dig the kilt.  I am open to it all.

After busking for two hours I headed up to 5th Avenue to meet the guys from the band to play the St. Patrick's Day parade.  This parade, if you have never seen it, is massive folks.  It is 249 years old and has like a million people marching in it.  We were supposed to step off at 2pm. but didn't start until 4:30pm.  It was long, but fun. 
 The Boys in the Band...




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