Monday, March 29, 2010

End of the Line

2 Are Killed in Stabbings on Subway in Manhattan

3 guys in their 20s were riding the subway home early Sunday morning. When the doors opened one threw some garbage out the door aiming for a garbage can. It hit a man on the platform instead and he went into a rage and stabbed two of them to death. 

This happened on the #2 Subway at my 14th Street stop.  The platform I am most often on was the final resting place of two poor souls yesterday morning.

One bad shot and you are history, gone, dead, never gonna see 25, kaput.  

After serving on a grand jury for a month and reading this and umpteen other experiences I have had/seen, my quick, "stand back, I know what I am talking about" assessment is --the problem is : drugs + alcohol + male ego.  

So sad and yet when we (men) are perceived to be made the fool we must retaliate BIG!  And when fueled by some substance, watch out.  

One errant paper toss (there is an i-phone APP to improve ones skills for this) and you are DOA. Well, actually before arrival. 

It saddens me beyond an appropriate level when I read this stuff. I know life is fleeting and can change on a dime and in the blink of an eye and every other cliche, but WHYYYYYYYYY?!!!  

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