Monday, March 15, 2010


I had a temp job today.  That is exciting.  I mean, it was work.  I had work today!  Like people all over have and I used to have.  Exciting.

It was at a financial firm.  I reported to the CEO.  I wanted to be prepared so I Googled him the night before. Just as I suspected: he was nine years younger than me and had an MBA from Columbia and this was his company and he lives in New York City and has two kids and a wife. 

I got there at 8:45 am and did not put the pencil down until 5:45pm.  No lunch, no break.  9 hours of hell.  I had never worked so hard in like forever.  This guy was not really in the business of nice. I know, I know, I AM A TEMP.  He is not concerned with whether I have eaten or what I want to be just before I have to retire.  He wanted his reservation at the Four Seasons made and his million other things.  And all his abbreviations understood and me to pick up on his silence and get it what he meant by it. 

The day just escalated by the hour.  It got to be just like Lucy with the chocolate on the conveyor belt: the work kept coming faster and faster and I had to laugh when he wanted 17 things finished by EOD.  (That is "end of day" if you have not figured that out.)

When I finally got out of there he gave me a wiggling fingered "too-da-loo" back handwave without even turning around while he was on the phone.  I felt I was more to him than that. 

Funny thing is they wanted me back the next day.  So I still got TS.  That is "the stuff."

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