Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Meeting Kirstie

My pal Danny was down from Boston with his girlfriend, Kirstie.  I met up with them after the parade.  Danny and I know each other from my Glasgow daze in the 80s and I had never met Kirstie before.  What a gas.  I liked her instantly. (Yes, I know she is reading this, but I swear even if she weren't!!! )

We met for dinner after the parade at Fish Tail on East 63rd Street. Danny likes this place and I can see why.  It occupies a converted townhouse and serves lovely food.  (Hey, I want to occupy a converted townhouse and serve lovely food!!)

It was so romantic, just the three of us.

It turns out Kirstie is into learning and becoming more involved with digital and social media.  My California self was all "No way! Me too!" We talked a lot about it and she gave me some good ideas.

After, we took a leisurly stroll down Park Avenue to the Waldorf and Grand Central Station.  It was like Spring weather and just a great evening.

I look forward to going and seeing them in Boston sometime soon.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant to see you (and Danny) looking so relaxed and happy and great to read that you're meeting people who love you just as much as you're old friends in Scotland do! Karen x