Sunday, March 28, 2010


Modern technology can seem cold, but it can also break your heart in the warmest of ways.

One of the things that was hardest about leaving the west coast was leaving my family.  I have five nieces and nephews.  My littlest niece now walks and talks. I never saw any of that. 

I would like to be known at the Digital Media Unlce so tonight I had Skype sessions with my brother's kids and my sister's kids. What joy!  What joy!

All these miles away and we get to see each other on line.  Mitch played some of the bagpipe tunes he is learning for me and Oonagh played the piano. They are both amazingly good! And Little Rita spoke!   I am floored and amazed and humbled and grateful.

All in one delightful evening spent with my family.

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Mary said...

Are those photos of your nieces and nephews on the skype blog???????????