Saturday, March 20, 2010


After playing yet another St. Patrick's Day parade with the band out on Long Island, I took the train into town and landed in Penn Station.  (Penn's Landing?) The thing I love about New York is the "It's a Small World After All" Disney ride feeling you get every day here.

There are loads of people that cross through this town and they/we are all different.  ("We are all the same" I will save for another entry.) I tend to see this mostly at train stations.  I was walking through Penn Station in my kilt transferring to the subway.  I saw turbans and business suits and saris and orthodox Jewish men with payot and, well, kilts.

A veritable The Simpson's Springfield.

But one I personally had not seen the Amish up close before.  As I headed to the 1, 2, 3 trains there was a whole host of them.  With the goatees and the linen head things and just all of it. I immediately wanted a photo with them. It was my first impulse. Yes, sometimes my first impulse is self-serving and tacky.  But what a shot. A piper with the Amish.  It had to be good for something. But I thought the better of it and just enjoyed watching them pass through on their way to find an oxen to yoke or have a corned beef sandwich or whatever.  I like them, the Amish.

And I love this town. Have I said that enough?


ren said...

*ahem* i don't see a legal line or signature on that simpsons image...

you need to find an amish bakery/foodstuffs place. good food...really good food.

Criticlasm said...

That's a great photo! I love it.

And they used to sell pies and baked goods at Colombus circle - maybe they moved their tables elsewhere. I remember one kid who had the worst teeth I had ever seen - I don't know why I remember that particular thing, but I thought "I wonder if there are Amish dentists?"