Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dream Maker, Census Taker

Mike from the New York Census called me.  Me, the guy who scored 98% on their exam.  I wanted to say "About time, Mike" but I just listened.  They want to know if I want to be an enumerator.  Whatever that is I thought that I wanted to be it.

"Sure, Mike, that sounds swell."

Could I come for training for two days.

"Is it paid? Yes?"  "Well then yes, I can."

Do I mind climbing stairs?  No problem.

Do I have a problem talking to people?

Oh my God, no, Mike. I don't.

So it seems I will soon be a census taker, love maker, enumerator.

Comfortable shoes and a clipboard.  Sounds even hotter than a UPS driver. 

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