Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Algonquin - How You Adore Me

A cozy Tuesday night in the Algonquin Hotel's Oak Room Supper Club to hear KT Sullivan perform her magic.

Ellie took me for dinner and a show and the minute I hit the brass handle of the hotel's entrance, I was entranced back in time.  The ghosts of this place are huge. --Round Table, how we adore your stinging wit and dry martinis.... Or your dry wit and stinging martinis?

Ahhh, dinner AND a show. Like they used to do all over this city back in the good old days before computers and penicillin.

Ellie knows KT and when she introduced me afterward, the chanteuse said, "Ah that handsome Irish face. I enjoyed singing to it tonight."

Give me one of them dry martinis so I can do a spit take!  I don't care if she was lying through her chiffon, I will take a line like that from a dame like her any old day.

I think the problem with today is more people don't say such shockingly wonderful lines to me more often.

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