Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Tempest at BAM

Pat, Frank, Ellie, Jonathan, Pat

Brooklyn was the destination of choice today to see our friend Jonathan Fried as King Alonso in the Sam Mendes-directed production of "The Tempest" as part of the Bridge Project at BAM.    That is a Shakesperean mouthful, but there you have it.  ("There You Have It" one of Shakespeare's discarded comedies?)

I love the Harvey Theatre at BAM and all its decay (I have written previous entries on "decay" and should have tagged as such, note to self) and it was a thrill to see Jonathan on that stage doing what he does best and really enjoying being there. 

This cast leaves Brooklyn and travels around the world (next stop Hong Kong) finishing up at the Old Vic in London.  Can you stand it? What an amazing adventure our boy is on.  I wish him godspeed hence and forthwith!  The knaves will remain at home whilst King Alonso carpes the diem abroad. Exeunt.

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