Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Day of the Iguana


Ellie and I took a stroll through Oranjestad, the main town on the island of Aruba.  I wanted to see the old town and Ellie wanted a watch battery.  It was bliss. Save for it being Sunday and a parade day and everything was shut.  But we did manage the watch battery and we did get through what passed for the old town. it was more like the decrepit, Hollywood backlot sets that time forgot and weather battered.  It was a ghost town and kind of odd, but since I love decay, it was kind of cool in its own way.

Then we turned a corner and walked down by the water to sit on a bench and take in the sea. 

A cute little iguana popped up and was pleasant as could be.  If he were human I would swear he wanted money.  We just took loads of photos of him as if he were our own private discovery. 

Then we go up to leave and the rocks by the water were LOADED with iguanas.  It was a veritable iguana convention.  You could not walk 5 paces without seeing one. I thought of it as a Far Side cartoon with these two silly tourists marvelling over this primitive, rare missing link iguana while there are like a thousand other iguanas hiding with one saying to the rest, "Shhh, let's keep 'em thinking they are so smart. it will help us when we take over the world in June."

Decay, iguanas and a watch battery.  Time for lunch.

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