Monday, February 1, 2010

Madam, I'm Adam...

...I mean "A Man, A Plan, Panama"

Went through the Panama Canal today.  Historic moment. Well, for me.  It was my first time.  I was in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans all in one long, humid, amazing day. 

It was a thrill to do through the locks.  I took a lie down in my stateroom and out my window I could see light and trees and darkness and a stone wall.  The water was being lowered. It was amazing.

I never knew so much about this canal until now.  It did renew my love for Teddy Roosevelt. I think he and John Adams are my two favorite presidents, but that has nothing to do with today. 

Ellie and I got up early to watch with the droves.  Since we were not the earliest, this is where my height paid off and poor Ellie was SOL.  But we went to the promenade deck and saw it from all sides.  Once the gates of the lock close you run to the back of the ship and watch it fill up.  Fun.  Like being kids.

Then you realize you will be at this for hours (9 in fact) and you go and have lunch, but window seat to see the ships pass on the opposite direction.

I loved the rain forest and the huge ass man made lake that we were in for what seemed like forever. 

I have to say I felt badly for the French who really seem to get slammed historically for their failure in constructing the canal.  All I heard in the talk was "French" and 'failure." 


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Anonymous said...

French. Failure. Maybe they are used to it by now. Sigh, indeed.