Saturday, February 13, 2010

Backstage Tour

Ellie got us a private backstage tour of the theatre aboard the Crystal Symphony ship with the amazing star of the incredible productions we saw.  Colleen knocks it out of the park 5 times a week and took tine out to show us around. 
Folks. I have to say as a semi-jaded New York theatre-goer, these productions were amazing. The people, the costumes. 

Wow the costumes.  It was like a Carol Burnett Show on speed with all the wig and shoes and bustle changing that went on. 

And today we saw how it works. Everyone has their own dresser and all the wigs and shoes are well-organized.  

I mean these people are just finished prancing around in CATS and then are "gavotting" in high button shoes in Hello Dolly five seconds later.  Amazing. 

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