Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snotty, Jaded, Cruising Bastard.

Today it was Antigua. The Entertainment Director suggested that we really just go to one island the whole time and dock at different parts with the suggestion that they are all really kinda the same. And it is really kinda true:  White sand beaches, aqua water, poverty, immediate on-land harassment for taxi tours and bad pavement. 

As I seasoned traveller of this part of the world now (!!) we are doing what the other experienced cruisers do -- stay on the ship.  Best views, clear blue waters of the swimming pool. Unlimited non-invasive drinks and cold towels scented with rose water service.  Excellent, abundant and food, etc. Ironically the paradise is aboard the ship and not on the islands.

Ellie needed to get some gifts so I made her hike to St. John's Cathedral built in 1845. Or rebuilt in 1845.  It was a treacherous journey up unbelievably bad pavement.  If I delivered Ellie to her kids in crutches and a wheelchair they would rightfully have my hide. And the big joke is that it will most likely me to be the one to fall!

Anyway, we made it all the way to the top and the Cathedral was closed because like everything else in St. John's, it had fallen into disrepair.  The man outside (as opposed to upstairs) said it was too dangerous to let people go in. I felt like saying "Well, if that is the case, shouldn't you close the whole town?"

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