Thursday, February 25, 2010

Crap Snow Weather

Me. I love snow.  I cannot get enough of it, but when it is wet and kind of like rain that masquerades as snow and you are walking all over the Village trying to get prices on business cards so you can make some money and not go broke and you get the thighs of your jeans wet and your gloves are hard to get on and off and the business cards are way more than you thought and you wonder why you are not married with children and living in Tuscon and then you think, "I could be married with children and living in Tuscon" and you all of a sudden are so happy to be in New York in the snow that is really rain with little white jackets and you want to just embrace each one but you know they will die from your warmth so you don't and you get a pastry instead and know that it will disappear from your body once you go to the gym tonight after you have done all this stuff you plan to do and you run home and pet the dog and scream "I love you old Savings and Loan!!!"


Criticlasm said...

Did you try It's free plus shipping. And Elizabeth is giving away 500 free business cards at her blog, and has a link the company as well...

Entrepreneur Chick said...

Snow. Ditto, dude.

BTW, I see how I've missed many of your posts so I went back through them and thoroughly enjoyed what I found.

(I used to live in CT and the LES so it's like having a bit of that back when I read you.)