Monday, February 8, 2010

And Somewhere in the World It Is...French Night!

I wrote this whole blog post in French, but deleted it as I realized most of my readership speaks English. Shame as it was so good. 

The beauty of doing a return on a cruise I am discovering is that if you were eating a fine Japanese meal last cruise in the Nobu dining room and missed French Night in the main dining room you just catch it on the way back!

Ellie and I joined our new tablemates in our formal finest for French Night. It was rack of lambs all around and escargot and pate and frog's legs.  Not that I had most that of that, but it was on the menu. 

What a fun evening it was.  We were so stuffeed we could been turned into our own pate.  Or at least I could have been!

I need to start thinking in terms of New York and Rack of Gym very soon! With a side of spa salade!


Criticlasm said...

eh bien! I was thinking of you this morning and your I'm sure sunburned face, and how thrilled you must be to be missing all that crazy snow! You're the luckiest boy in the world! So glad you're having a good time. xo

skipper said...

How many gay men are at the table?