Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The real stinger...

I was going to write about the beauty off the port side of the ship and how we stayed aboard the whole time we were docked in Costa Rica, etc. but I think I will write about bees.  No birds, just bees.

Ellie was out by the pool and came up to me and told me she just got stung by a bee.  "Ridiculous!" I answered. "Everyone knows there are no bees in Costa Rica." (Not true and I really didn't say that.)  She was quite a trooper and killed the bee and pulled the stinger out.  She got a clean bill of health by the infirmary and we decided to play paddle tennis for the first time on board.  '

We had a noble attempt at the game and then went back to lounging and reading. Later it was discovered there was a giant bee's nest on in the netted paddle tennis area! Had we been any more rubbish than we were we would have swatted it and been stung to a slow death on the court. 

That giant mass in the photo below is 100s of bees gathered on the netting above the paddle tennis court trying to get a free cruise. 

Oh, and it was a beautiful day as we waiting to sail this evening.

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