Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fairwell + Sea Mammals

Today is the final day of leg one of our journey for tomorrow morning at 5am we arrive in Costa Rica. Most of the folk will disembark (?) and we shall stay on board.  We had our final meal tonight with our tablemates Selia  and George and Penny and Gordon.  It is a bit like getting stuck on an elevator - you bond and get very attached, but as soon as those doors open you know you will all go your separate ways.  It makes me sad as they were all so wonderful, but without the ship and Table 51 there is no real glue to stay in touch and I think we all know it. That even makes me sad. No matter, we have the email addresses and can at least send first volleys of photos to each other.

Tomorrow will be like starting at a new school as we have new staterooms and will have new tablemates and 99% new passengers. 

Today we saw dolphins. Or maybe porpoises.  I say off the starboard side because it sounds better, but I think it was the port side.  Why just one side, dolphin?  Or porpoises?  Why do you guys swim alongside both sides?  Anyway it was JOYOUS to see them swimming alongside and jumping out. I tried to get good photos, but all I got really was water. 

It reminded me of all those guys who use those photos for them in the water with dolphins for their personal ad picture.  I hate that.  And I wouldn't want to go out with them. Nor they with me, clearly! 

(Watch, in 3 years I will be 50 and posing with a dolphin on Match.com.  I know it. )

Well, that is all the news that is fit to print from Pacific Ocean.  Tomorrow Costa Rica, the country said to have the happiest people in the world.

Rubbish dolphin photo.

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