Friday, February 19, 2010

Census - Count Me Out (and Proud?)

Yesterday I went out to get some bleach and came back with peanut butter.  It was a hard day in my head and I was feeling a bit knocked about.  If you are going to have a pitty party peanut butter is better than bleach.  If you are going to kill yourself, bleach is better.

On the grocery counter was a card looking for census takers and an 800 number. I grabbed it so God would once again see me making an effort in my life.  I called it so God would say "Wow, he is not bullshitting!"  And I made an appointment to take the census exam.

This morning I took it.  It is all logic and math and number 2 pencils kind of thing.  You had to be a US citizen to take it or legal to work in the US. This made sense. But then it had a thing where it said "FOR MALES ONLY. If you were born after December, 31 1959 you must be registered with the Selective Service System."

I remember doing this on my 18th birthday in New York City with my dad.  And here it was all these years later.  I thought, "Harumph, I did it so that is cool. No worries."  Then I thought, "Wait a minute, you won't let me be in my own damn military if I am out as gay and yet I would be prevented from getting a job with my own country's government just because I didn't sign up for something I am not eligible for in the first place because of some bullshit, homophobic law?! F*#K, you."

Meanwhile kids next to me who have never even heard of 1959 were furiously filling out their forms.  But I am pissed that that is on the form.  And let's not even get into census marital status and what a household is, etc.

I am angry.

But you will pay me $18.75 an hour to talk to strangers?  Count me in!

I got 98% on the exam. I was pissed. I probably got some homophobic question wrong...

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