Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Beat

Lovely day in New York. Wish I could provide photographic evidence.  I am back in the swing here and it feels nice. 

I did this. I did that. Wish I had some photographic evidence. 

Saw my friend Nicole.  She is getting married. I KNEW it!  She thought she told me, I thought she was going to tell me. 

Her finace slipped on the ice in Central Park and chipped a bone in his arm.

We went for coffee. He stayed home, somewhat immobile.

Nicole used to walk me around Central Park when I couldn't really see or walk by myself. She has a thing for Central Park and invalid men!

Missed my gym class. 

Went to hear a friend give a speech.   His name is Jim. So I missed my gym class, but made my Jim class.


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