Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Day in Paradise

Ellie and I are on the 2nd leg of our trip now. It is official and we have to accept it. 

 Heading back to Miami now through the Panama Canal and back to the Caribbean islands we visited last week.  We have done it all so the pressure is off and we can just enjoy.

Funny to see all the newbies aboard.  Seems like a much younger crowd than last week. Average age 63 maybe?  I think the Karaoke Bar and the casino will be hopping this week as a result.  Maybe even some necking on the promenade deck.

Since all the new folk don't know the choice places by the pool, Ellie and I were able to score primo spots we never got last week.  This corner that is cool and has these amazing lounge bed things that face the water.  Very coveted real estate. We were able to lounge in them all day today.  I am almost finished with my second book.   This is a rarity for me. I love being someone who reads!   Not having 24 hour computer access has helped me take on this old-fashioned pastime.

Great day all around aboard this fantastico ship. We are still in awe on trip 2!

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