Friday, August 1, 2008

Brideshead Revisited.

Went and saw this film tonight. The 1981 BBC/PBS version was an EVENT in our house. My mum had us glued to it ala Roots and I, Claudius. I will always appreciate her for that. Plus making us watch the moon landing and Nixon resigning. ( I wish she were around to make us watch Bush get impeached and tried for war crimes, but alas...)

Dear old mum. This new version is the type of film we would have gone to together. It was pretty. It was well acted. It was soulless. I sadly have seen the TV series, seen the film, yet never read the book. And I can safely say the book is better than this. And someday I will say it with certainty, by golly. (Has Oprah told me to read it yet?)

There was loads of alcoholism especially by the tortured gay son. Typisch, eh? Why would someone drink with such nice clothes and a lovely place to live?

A B- in my book. It had all the pieces, but none of the feeling. I didn't much care for the two male leads or the young female lead. They didn't do any of it for me. Love the house. That was the lead guy's problem too.


Anonymous said...

If you can, put the book on your must read list. I think it's phenomenal, and I'm quite sure you'd love it.

criticlasm said...

I actually felt physically punched in the stomach at one point in the book. It really is a great read.And you can check out my dismissal before investigation here: