Saturday, July 26, 2008

Into the Woods

Some very key people who know me long time. Great musicians all.

Sean and I left to meet Will, Kenny, Danny, Scott, Malcolm, Davey and John to play pipes at the summer encampment up at the Russian River that will remain nameless. I love being invited by Will to participate every year for the sheer wonderment of it all and this incredible reunion opportunity of some select guys that mean the world to me. And I can say that sober now! We play pipes and drums in the redwoods together which has a magical wafting sound or at least I like to think it does. I can’t stand how glorious it really is.

I do have to say there is so much alcohol available at this camp that I fear a contact high. This was difficult to handle a few years back, but I just learn to love the stars and the food and craic. We did happen into one camp where expert musicians played the most amazing Cajun music. Turns out it was Marc Savoy and his two sons. They are probably the top Cajun musicians in the world. It was A-mazing.

Music everywhere and loads of talent. We played a Scottish show at our camp that went well though I wanted to play more! A good sign coming from a reluctant musician. I guess when I calm myself I can realize that playing music is a gift and not a chore. I can get so caught up in fear of exposure of my lousiness as a musician and lose sight of tradition, the spirit of all folk music in the sharing and passing on, and the idea of friends playing together.

A great day all in all.

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