Friday, July 18, 2008

Noe Valley Dreamin'

My nephew and niece were quick to pounce on their uncle's carcass in the ayem, but I got up and ambushed them in the kitchen. They, plus their 8 months + of life that I had missed being back east, were their to greet me. I cannot say how wonderfully comforting and glorious it was that we were all good with each other. They were happy to see me and I was somewhat surprised, but absolutely delighted. I kind of felt I would have been a tad forgotten when 8 months at those ages is a huge whack of life.

I met up for dinner with Jon and Kurt at their home in Noe Valley. Jon knows how to dress for success, cook a fab meal and be the most charming host. I don't know why I write like a social columnist here, but it has to be said! Kurt and I remain the grateful beneficiaries. It was a great time as always and Jon even made me the most amazing slumber chamber as I stayed over. Coffee and bread with marmalade in the morning and a lift to the Marina ended our inflight service.
I am so blessed with their friendship. I just feel at home when I am with them. And old, but luxurious sweater, which in my book is tops.

Kurt & Jon

Kurt and Pat

It's an IQ test: Who might these two be?

Risotto con limone e gambero

Amazing cookies from Noe Valley Bakery

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