Thursday, July 10, 2008

Man, Hat Out.

Manhatin has gone out of his gotham island comfort zone to visit friends, get all rural, and jump in a lake.

I got on my first plane in 8+ months and flew to Burlington, VT where I rented a car and drove to Quebec to meet my friend's Jan and Ashley and stay at Ashley's family's summer home in N. Hatley, Quebec, Canada.

I was told to take 91 and bring a bottle of Vodka. I got the vodka but never saw 91. I entered Quebec on 89 and was way ouest of where I was supposed to be. I called this a "beautiful mistake" as I got to drive through gorgeous wine county and lovely gorges, etc. It was stunning. And I am a sucker for red barns with silos and B & W cows. Love this part of the world.

Arrived only 1 hour late. What a lovely place! This home has been in the family for 100 years and overlooks Lake Massawippi. Warren and Laur were so welcoming and there were guest having cocktail hour out on the porch! It was the start of a summer by a lake that was spot on.

Laur made a beautiful meal and we dined indoors with 10 of us all around. 2 joined for dessert and we retired to the living room for chat and vino and tea and good craic!

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